This Playlist Is Packed With Throwback Jams You Forgot You Loved!

many different album covers of some of the korehealth team's favorite throwback songs and albums

Our favorite throwback songs allow us the chance to time travel, if only for a few minutes, to some of the best times of our lives.

To simpler times, before all those real-world responsibilities took over. Spring break road trips with friends, high school glory days, first dates! These songs have become the soundtrack to our lives. Check out this Throwback Jams playlist that just NEVER gets old!



HUSTLIN' - RICK ROSS                                             

"Every time I hear this song it reminds me to keep hustlin', everyday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” - Jason, Co-Founder




FOREVER - CHRIS BROWN                                      

“ANY Chris Brown is a throwback for me.” - Katie, Brand Director



WORK IT - MISSY ELLIOTT                                     

“I picked Work It by Missy Elliott because it is upbeat and reminds me of better days. Missy Elliott was a trail blazer of the 2000's and you know whenever Work It comes on, I am grinding during my workout! This song defined the 00's and is always a bop!" - Amanda, Project Manager



STRONGER - KANYE WEST                                     

“This album (and song) was always playing at my house during the last two years of college. Reminds me of late nights, fun, and trying to meet girls." - Matt, Marketing VP



HEADBAND - B.O.B FT 2 CHAINZ                            

“No matter the time or place, when Headband comes on, I'm instantly on another level. You physically cannot listen to this song without at least boppin' your head. It will always be in my all-time Top 10" - Sammy, Social Media Manager



MR. BRIGHTSIDE - THE KILLERS                            

“Mr. Brightside has a killer beat that motivates you to keep moving. Plus, it never fails to put me in a good mood!" - Harley, Graphic Designer



RIDE WIT ME - NELLY FT CITY SPUD                      

“I still remember my big brother blasting this Country Grammar CD in our bedroom growing up. Nelly was the coolest guy in music at the time and, to this day, Ride Wit Me is a staple of every summer party. AYYY!! MUST BE THE MONEY!!" - Brendan, Copywriter



So throw on your apple bottom jeans, your boots with the fur, and follow us on Spotify for more awesome workout playlists right here.



By: Brendan S. July 30, 2021 Lifestyle