KoreScale - Intuitive Smart Scale
KoreScale - Intuitive Smart Scale
KoreScale - Intuitive Smart Scale
KoreScale - Intuitive Smart Scale

KoreScale - Intuitive Smart Scale

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 The More You Know, The Healthier You’ll Be

The next-generation of this cutting-edge smart weight scale uses advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to scan your entire body composition and deliver 14 health and fitness metrics to your smartphone quickly and accurately.  

Some of us want to slim down, while others are looking to bulk up. No matter what path you’re on, KoreScale Gen2 has the most data and helps you stay committed and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. 

14 Key Metrics: 

Body Weight  
Measure your weight in lbs or kg
Bone Mass   
Learn more about your body’s foundation
Understand the relationship between your height and weight
Body Fat
Learn exactly what percentage of your weight is fat 
Visceral Fat  
It’s vital to monitor fat that builds up around your organs 
Subcutaneous Fat
 The visible (jiggly) fat just below your skin you’d like to slim
Body water
Know if you are properly hydrated
Muscle Mass
Muscle weighs more than fat 
Skeletal Muscle
The muscles that attach to your bones and tendons must be strong
Fuel your body
Metabolic Age  
 Be sure you’re burning calories at the correct rate
Fat-Free Body Weight
Know how much of your body weight is fat. 
Heart Rate
Get your heart rate up to the zone that burns the most calories while you exercise
Know the number of calories your organs need to function while you perform no activity 






Take their word for it


I’ve never had a scale that could do so much. This is an incredible product. Unlike scales I’ve had in the past, the data is very consistent.

Jacob K.

Baltimore, MD


Love this scale. Easy to set up, great information and easy to use. Very helpful tool for people who are looking to improve health and not just lose weight.


Atlanta, GA